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using ethnomethodology to understand social order - ethnomethodology is a theoretical approach in sociology based on the belief that you can discover the social norms of a society by disrupting them, ethnomethodology definition of ethnomethodology by - ethnomethodology definition is a branch of sociology dealing with nonspecialists commonsense understanding of the structure and organization of society, ethnomethodology definition of ethnomethodology by the - define ethnomethodology ethnomethodology synonyms ethnomethodology pronunciation ethnomethodology translation english dictionary definition of ethnomethodology n, sociological theory ethnomethodology wikibooks open - ethnomethodology is a perspective within sociology which focuses on the way people make sense of their everyday world people are seen as rational actors but employ practical reasoning rather than formal logic to make sense of and function in society the theory argues that human society is, ethnomethodology social theory rewired - a guiding principle of ethnomethodology was to not bring pre existing understandings of what constitutes social reality to the setting under study neither social, what is ethnomethodology sociology a level youtube - from www precookedsociology com ethnomethodology em emerged from the work of garfinkel 1967 and the theory of phenomenology like functionalists such as, ethnomethodologist definition of ethnomethodologist by - associated with the sociologist harold garfinkel ethnomethodology studies the ways in which people use everyday knowledge to interpret and understand the world and communicate with other people