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xenophanes internet encyclopedia of philosophy - xenophanes c 570 c 478 b c e xenophanes of colophon was a traveling poet and sage with philosophical leanings who lived in ancient greece during the sixth and the beginning of the fifth centuries b c e, georg wilhelm friedrich hegel by individual philosopher - georg wilhelm friedrich hegel often known as g w f hegel or georg hegel 1770 1831 was a german philosopher of the early modern period he was a leading figure in the german idealism movement in the early 19th century although his ideas went far beyond earlier kantianism and he founded his own school of hegelianism he has been called the aristotle of modern times and he used his, goethe johann wolfgang von internet encyclopedia of - goethe defies most labels and in the case of the label philosopher he did so intentionally the scholastic philosophy in his opinion had by the frequent darkness and apparent uselessness of its subject matter by its unseasonable application of a method in itself respectable and