Membrane Protein Cytoskeleton Interactions Volume 43 -

a map of protein metabolite interactions reveals - metabolite protein interactions control a variety of cellular processes thereby playing a major role in maintaining cellular homeostasis metabolites comprise the largest fraction of molecules in cells but our knowledge of the metabolite protein interactome lags behind our understanding of protein protein or protein dna interactomes, comprehensive biotechnology 2nd edition - the second edition of comprehensive biotechnology continues the tradition of the first inclusive work on this dynamic field with up to date and essential entries on the principles and practice of biotechnology the integration of the latest relevant science and industry practice with fundamental biotechnology concepts is presented with entries from internationally recognized world leaders in, cell or cell membrane based drug delivery systems - abstract natural cells have been explored as drug carriers for a long period they have received growing interest as a promising drug delivery system dds until recently along with the development of biology and medical science, glia neuron interactions in the mammalian retina - the mammalian retina provides an excellent opportunity to study glia neuron interactions and the interactions of glia with blood vessels three main types of glial cells are found in the mammalian retina that serve to maintain retinal homeostasis astrocytes m ller cells and resident microglia, cardiomyocytes the cardio research web project - a site for knowledge in cardiovascular research v desmosomes the desmosomes constitute a 3 dimensional intercellular network that lends structural support to cardiac tissue they consist in a symmetrical protein complex with each end residing in the cytoplasm of one of a pair of adjacent cells anchoring intermediate filaments in the cytoskeleton to the cell surface, omim entry 182900 spherocytosis type 1 sph1 - jacob and jandl 1964 were of the view that the primary defect is in the red cell membrane which is abnormally permeable to sodium jacob et al 1971 demonstrated altered membrane protein in hereditary spherocytosis microfilamentous proteins resembling actin are important to the shape of the red cell comparable membrane proteins occur throughout phylogeny under circumstances suggesting a, 17 estradiol directly lowers mitochondrial membrane - loss of estrogen from menopause increases the risk of developing metabolic diseases torres et al show that 17 estradiol e2 localizes to mitochondrial membranes consistent with whole body e2 status the presence of e2 decreases microviscosity which improves bioenergetic function thus offering a biophysical mechanism by which e2 influences energy homeostasis, recombinant human il 2 protein 202 il 010 r d systems - cf stands for carrier free cf we typically add bovine serum albumin bsa as a carrier protein to our recombinant proteins adding a carrier protein enhances protein stability increases shelf life and allows the recombinant protein to be stored at a more dilute concentration, heat shock protein 27 hsp27 biomarker of disease and - heat shock protein 27 hsp27 is a multidimensional protein which acts as a protein chaperone and an antioxidant and plays a role in the inhibition of apoptosis and actin cytoskeletal remodeling in each of these capacities hsp27 has been implicated in different disease states playing both protective and counter protective roles the current review presents hsp27 in multiple disease contexts, mitochondrial dynamics coupling mitochondrial fitness - aging is associated with a decline in mitochondrial function and the accumulation of abnormal mitochondria however the precise mechanisms by which aging promotes these mitochondrial alterations and the role of the latter in aging are still not fully understood mitochondrial dynamics is a key process regulating mitochondrial function and quality, extracellular matrix review of its roles in acute and - the extracellular matrix of normal skin the largest component of normal skin is the ecm a gel like matrix produced by the cells that it surrounds the ecm is composed of a variety of polysaccharides water and collagen proteins which give the skin remarkable properties on a weight basis the tensile breaking strength of normal skin approaches that of steel yet skin also has substantial, the common ancestor of archaea and eukarya was not an archaeon - the fusion scenarios for the origin of eukaryotes are in apparent contrast to the classical tree of life proposed by woese et al in which archaea and eukarya are sister groups however this tree can be reconciled with fusion scenarios if the archaeal like partner diverged from the branch leading to archaea before the emergence of laca, propionic acid ch3ch2cooh pubchem - propionic acid pa is widely used as an antifungal agent in food it is present naturally at low levels in dairy products and occurs ubiquitously together with other short chain fatty acids in the gastro intestinal tract of humans and other mammals as an end product of the microbial digestion of carbohydrates it has significant physiological activity in animals