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philosophy and the science of human nature open yale courses - philosophy and the science of human nature pairs central texts from western philosophical tradition including works by plato aristotle epictetus hobbes kant mill rawls and nozick with recent findings in cognitive science and related fields, the philosophy of human nature dr howard p kainz - the philosophy of human nature is a very rich book covering many fascinating topics and drawing on empirical research as well as philosophical argument, philosophy of nature britannica com - in aristotelianism nature of aristotelianism in the philosophy of nature see philosophy of biology philosophy of physics aristotelianism denotes an optimistic position concerning nature s aims and its economy believing in the perfection and in the eternity of the heavenly geocentric spheres perceiving them as driven by intelligent movers as carrying in their, there s no philosophy of life without a theory of human - a strange thing is happening in modern philosophy many philosophers don t seem to believe that there is such a thing as human nature what makes this strange is that not only does the new attitude run counter to much of the history of philosophy but despite loud claims to the contrary it also goes against the findings of modern science, hobbes thomas moral and political philosophy internet - thomas hobbes moral and political philosophy the english philosopher thomas hobbes 1588 1679 is best known for his political thought and deservedly so, human all too human a book for free spirits great books - human all too human 1878 is often considered the start of friedrich nietzsche s mature period a complex work that explores many themes to which nietzsche later returned it marks a significant departure from his previous thinking, ancient greek philosophy internet encyclopedia of philosophy - ancient greek philosophy from thales who is often considered the first western philosopher to the stoics and skeptics ancient greek philosophy opened the doors to a particular way of thinking that provided the roots for the western intellectual tradition, plato the republic 1 4 philosophy pages - the most comprehensive statement of plato s mature philosophical views appears in the republic an extended treatment of the most fundamental principles for the conduct of human life using the character socrates as a fictional spokesman plato considers the nature and value of justice and the other virtues as they appear both in the structure of society as a whole and in